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Various products of Military/Linen Gloves, providing product images and basic parameters with each Military Gloves and Linen Gloves; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Military/Linen Gloves, and look forward to your cooperation!

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Military/Linen Gloves

In dirty, hazardous working conditions and for training in inclement weather, you need to protect your hands without sacrificing dexterity. You need tactical gloves built to keep your hands safe and performing at their best. From flight gloves to assault gloves to training gloves, you can choose the style and safety features you need. Athletes can find insulated, protective handwear for training and running in cold weather. Military and law enforcement professionals can shop an assortment of rugged tactical gloves, which combine dexterity and defense. Some styles feature ventilation, moisture-wicking fabric and a molded design to promote natural movement, while others offer a removable index finger for better grip on the trigger.